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Gateway Financial is a locally owned and operated business. For you the customer that means decisions are made at the local level for fast convenient service. We understand that you may hit a bump in the road due to medical, divorce, bankruptcy or a loss of a job. These things can hurt your credit, preventing the big banks from helping you based on your credit score. I worked for Wells Fargo for 5 years and I know how their lending is credit score driven. If you don't have the right score you will get turned down which is sad because there are many people with poor credit scores that if given the chance they would prove to be great customers. Then you have no ability to borrow money when the need arises. Gateway Financial doesn't see you as a credit score, we want to take the time to understand your entire situation; credit, income and pay history, etc. We'll find the best loan that fits your needs. Gateway Financial offers personal loans, auto loans, consolidation loans, and we'll help you establish, build or re-build your credit. Gateway's rates are affordable and loans are setup on a reasonable payback terms to pay 1 payment a month. It is in your best interest and ours that the new loan fits your budget and is affordable. Don't get caught up robbing from Peter to pay Paul with check and title loans to pay interest only. Get the right loan today to make your money work for you. Let us help get your credit back on track today. We do report to credit bureau. Call today or apply online we are ready to help you.

Auto Financing

Bill Consolidation
Auto/Home Repairs
Or any unexpected expenses that should arise.
Quick Service-Answers in about an hour.

Personal Loans

We offer a variety of auto financing options to serve you. Convenient and flexible terms. Personal review of your credit application to help get you into your car.

Title Loans

Loans the banks and credit unions cant do.
Much better rates than the competition.
Help rebuild your credit

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